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2015 January:
Suggest Topic for Web Session!

We plan to host Web Sessions on Powersim Studio features, so we would appreciate your input!

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2014 December:
Seasons Greetings from Powersim

Wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Opening hours during the holidays.

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2014 November:
Service Release for Studio 10 users

Update your software with the latest Service Release containing a few important bug fixes.

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2014 October:
PhD thesis defended on Housing Policy Research

Towards Housing System Dynamics is a PhD thesis based on the Dutch housing market.

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2014 September:
Best Poster Winner at SD Conference 2014

In the Resources Thread: "The Shale Gas Phenomenon: Utilizing the Power of System Dynamics to Quantify Uncertainty".

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2014 March:
Now it has arrived: Powersim Studio 10!

The full portfolio of Studio 10 editions is now launched and ready for you to download!

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2014 August:
Campaign for Studio 10 Professional

Purchase the new Studio 10 Professional at a very favorable price!

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2014 March:
Free Distribution to Studio 10 Simulation Engine Workstation!

Studio 10 SDK; now introducing free distribution for desktop applications.

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