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New Service Release for Developer Suite

Service Release 7 for Powersim Studio 8 SDK and Simulation Engine Server is ready to download.

Studio 8 Developer Suite Service Release 7 with Feature Pack 3

Released July, 2011

The seventh service release of Studio 8 SDK and Simulation Engine Server accompanies the Service Release 8 of Studio 8 Enterprise. This Service Release contains some bug fixes:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that could cause undetermined behavior when using the numerical value of index variables based on dynamic ranges in variable definitions.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented editing the values of series variables using INITIF.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Powersim Studio Simulation Engine from loading models with more than 400 variables using dynamic ranges.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented Powersim Studio Simulation Engine Developer from loading models created in the demo version of Powersim Studio.
  • Fixed problems that caused the Database Dataset to not skip tuples/rows where all data fields/columns contained zero or NAN when used with data fields containg dates/times.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the data of a Database Dataset with a single out-in variable to be incorrectly written to the database.
  • Fixed a problem in the Spreadsheet Dataset that caused the {RUNINDEX} field code to expand to an invalid value for run indices greater than 999.

Go to the Services Releases page to download the Service Release for your licenses.

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