Gas Simulation

This simulation can be used in an emergency training situation within Health, Environment and Safety.

Imagine that a semi-trailer containing gas has collided in a round-about in Stavanger, a city of Norway. We can now study how the gas spreads depending on terrain, winds and buildings in the area.

The solution is only available in the Norwegian market.

Illustration of Gas Simulation DashboardThe Gas Simulation model

The video illustrates of how simulation with Geographical Information System (GIS) looks in Powersim Studio.

The gas leakage is simulated based upon gas characteristics and weather information. Data about elevation within the selected area is read into the model.

After a simulation, data about where the gas is moving is fed back to the GIS system. This information can be combined with other vital information to: Alert the public within the critical area by SMS, evacuate schools, kindergartens and hospitals using the best emergency exit streets.

This model is made with Studio 9 GIS and communicates with a GIS software called GISLine from Norkart .

The GISLine product is produced by Norkart Geoservice and is available only with Norwegian language.

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