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Vote for your favourite Webinar Topic

Powersim Software will now offer free Webinars focused on the current Studio 10 Premium.

We have recieved suggestions for Webinar topics and look forward to see which ones will be the most popular.

  • Answer a few questions so we can accomodate your preferences to such Webinars and Vote now

Upgrade to Studio 9 Campaign

Coming soon: Custom Functions

The upcoming release of Studio 10 Feature Pack 1 will include the possibility of defining Custom Functions within your simulation models.

If you need a function that is not included in the Function Library of Powersim Studio, you can now write C++ code for the function expression and utilize this in your model.

  • There will be a few simple examples covering functions with unit check and dimension handling, for example a SUM function and a function to solve quadratic equations.
  • The C++ compiler you need to create custom functions is free, and the functions will execute just as fast as an internal functions in Powersim Studio.

More detailed information regarding how to define such functions will be available later.



Campaign offer - Studio 10 Professional

We prolong the popular Campaign offer on Studio 10 Professional for our Mailing List Users only

  • The Campaign Price on Studio 10 Professional is Euro 299,-. Regular price is Euro 499,-. 

As a member of the mailing list, use use the following campaign code to purchase such license: SP15Q24PRO.

Request a quotation here.

This offer is valid until 30th of April 2015.


New White Papers

Read a few examples of how our Studio Users apply a modeling tool in their work and studies. 

  • Towards Housing System Dynamics is a PhD thesis based on the Dutch housing market
  • In the Resources Thread: "The Shale Gas Phenomenon: Utilizing the Power of System Dynamics to Quantify Uncertainty"

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