Success story: Producer of agricultural fertilizers

Mature wheat in a field
How to give better guidance in using fertilizers for supply of nutrients in wheat production.

The Challenge
The global agricultural industry player is involved throughout the value chain:
from the raw materials in fertilizer production to guidance in the supply of nutrients. A better insight was needed in the field of advanced fertilizer use for all present employees as well as for newly recruited personel.

The Powersim Approach
An employees' multimedia-based training simulation to tutor employees and test their new knowledge was set up. Themes included the way in which fertilizer products affect crops and surrounding environments under various conditions and the potential effects of over-applying products, using the wrong kind of product or mis-timing its application.

The Simulation
The employee plays the role of a farmer managing a crop from planting until harvest, with the aim of growing the most profitable crop with minimal negative environmental impact. Changes in soil type, weather and water availability affect how well the crop grows. The employee influences crop growth by applying fertilizers at various times throughout the simulation. At the end of the simulation, the simulation shows the employee how profitable the farm was, and what
impact it had on the environment.

The Powersim Solution
Powersim software and this approach to training has been very positively embraced by the employees. The simulation has been used on both an individual and group basis, and has proved particularly successful for employees with little or no knowledge of the company's products. The new system was available to the company's 6000 employees.

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