Best Poster Winner at SD Conference 2014

In the Resources Thread: "The Shale Gas Phenomenon: Utilizing the Power of System Dynamics to Quantify Uncertainty".

The 32nd International Conference in System Dynamics in 2014 were hosted in Delft, Netherlands. During the Resources Sessions, many posters were presented to the conference audience. A jury selected La Tonya Walkers' poster to be the winner:


The brief story

Abundance of shale gas and cheap extraction techniques led to a boom of natural gas (NG) supply in U.S. with a corresponding drop in prices. This investigation captures the multitude of economic, technological, geoscience factors that impact production. A few of the key findings include the ability to more accurately model the shale gas behavior on top of the conventional and coalbed methane-based systems within the System Dynamics environment. This is especially noteworthy given the recent rapid increase in production within the U.S.

If you want to take a look at the Paper La Tonya Walker presented, go to the System Dynamics Society and search for: The Shale Gas Phenomenon.

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