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Buy Studio 9 Professional and be upgraded to Studio 10 Expert for free upon launch date!


Special offer - Powersim Studio 10 Professional

Have you been thinking of purchasing a Powersim Studio license; well, now is the perfect time:

Purchase Studio 9 Professional today, and get an upgrade to Studio 10 Expert upon launch date!


  • Receive Studio 10 Expert, for free, upon launch date
  • Service and Upgrade Agreement (SUA) is included for the Expert level the first year
  • Expert gives access to many great features of our Modeling tools compared to the Professional edition


Save 33% on this special offer!

Order the Powersim Studio 9 Professional today, using campaign code: EXP14Q1


Upgrade to Powersim Studio Professional 9 today, using campaign code: EXP14Q1UPG

The above offers are valid until 31st March 2014. 

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