Coming soon - Powersim Sun Simulation 1.0

This off-the-shelf model lets you investigate benefits of utilizing solar panels including ROI.


Powersim Sun simulation 1.0

This product is an off-the-shelf product, including model and a license of Studio Executive.

  • Find the expenses and power savings for your planned solar panel installation
  • Need for electricity may be shifted in time compared to when solar energy can be generated
  • This can be solved by installing batteries in addition to solar panels

The model gives a more reliable calculation of ROI compared to other applications.




More than just a calculator!

  • Specify your location and information about your solar panels, inverters, and, if applicable, your batteries
  • Takes energy consumption and solar variations throughout the day into account
  • Experiment with different configurations and pricing policies
  • Results are displayed in graphs with hourly resolution

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