Feature Pack 1 for Developer Suite

Download the new Feature Pack, available to all SUA users of Studio 9 Developer Suite.

List of new features in Studio 9 Developer Suite Feature Pack 1

The below short list shows a new features of Feature Pack 1 for Studio SDK. This release includes more features, numerous improvements as well as bug fixes.

  • NEW: Supports models created in Studio 9 where Feature Pack 1 features have been enabled. These models typically make use of one or more of the new features: placeholders, Save Excel Document action, improved functionality of graphs, DBRANGE keyword, improved functionality of the DISPLAYAS and NUMERICAL functions, or the new functions DBRANGEDATA and DBPIVOTDATA.
  • NEW: It is now possible to specify session credentials for database connections as part of the Credentials (former Password) parameter for the SimulationEngine::OpenProject method.

For a full list of features, read the Version history for Studio SDK and the Version history for Studio Simulation Engine.

Download to try the new features

Current user, please download here:

If you do not have SUA, you may download Service Release:

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