Feature Pack 2 now available for Academic products

Add Feature Pack 2 to your current Studio 8 Academic product or buy a version with all included.

NEW: Studio 8 Academic products with Feature Packs

Studio 8 Academic

Feature Pack 2 is now available for Studio 8 Academic and will provide access to the following additional features:

  • FP2: Run faster simulations using 2 core processors
  • FP2: Value Inspector shows the value(s) of a selected variable
  • FP2: See Dependents and Precedents for the selected variable
  • FP1: Check Condition allows to execute other actions based on the value of a logical scalar.
  • FP1: Use Action button to print reports to MS Excel

When you purchase Feature Pack 2, all features from Feature Pack 1 are included.

Please have a look at our Academic product pages to find prices and order forms to purchase or upgrade your current product.

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