Feature Pack for Studio 8 Developer Suite

Powersim Studio 8 Feature Pack 3 for Developer Suite is ready for you to download.

Studio 8 - Service Release 5 including Feature Pack 3

The new Feature Pack 3 of Studio 8 Developer Suite is launched with great new features, improvements and bug fixes. Also, this release accompanies the Feature Pack 6 of Studio 8 Enterprise.

Features for Studio 8 Developer Suite:

  • NEW PREMIUM: New property to control dynamic ranges of a simulation project
  • NEW: Supports models created in Studio 8 where Feature Pack 3 features are enabled
  • NEW: The properties give you Precedents and Dependents of variables 
  • NEW: New model variable properties
  • NEW: New dimensions properties

Find more information about these features in the Version History.

Feature Pack 3 is available to download

Feature Pack 3 is available to business users with the following Studio 8 editions*:

  • Download Studio 8 SDKStudio 8 Simulation Engine Premium
  • Studio 8 Simulation Engine Server
  • Studio 8 Simulation Engine Workstation
  • Download Studio 8 Simulation EngineStudio 8 SDK Premium
  • Studio 8 SDK
  • Studio 8 Academic SDK 

If you do not have a valid SUA, you can download improvements and bug fixes for your product with Service Release 5.

* Business clients can download the feature pack with a valid SUA, while Academic users may purchase Feature Pack 3.

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