Forio Epicenter Workshop at System Dynamics Society Conference (SDS)

The 36th International Conference of the SDS takes place in Reykjavik on Iceland during August.

The international conference of System Dynamics Society

The 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (SDS) takes place in Reykjavik on Iceland during August 6-10th 2018.

On the Schedule of the conference, there will be a workshop on Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter. 


  • Workshop nr 5015: takes place from 15:00 to 16:30 on Friday 10th of August


Example of Powersim Studio model on Forio Epicenter: "The Tesla Powerwall Simulation". 

See the complete conference schedule.

About the workshop:  

Creating Interactive Simulations Online with Forio Epicenter

Forio Epicenter provides templates that makes it easy to produce an online simulation that works on both laptop computers and smartphones.

Forio Epicenter allows you to create an interface so users can interact with your Vensim, Powersim, or Stella Pro model online. Forio can host your simulation for you, and the platform also has the ability to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, making it enterprise-compatible. Forio Epicenter provides tiered control for tens or thousands of users.

During this workshop, we will start with an introduction to Epicenter and sample interactive online models. Then we’ll divide the workshop into two parts. In the first part, we will teach you how to get your Vensim, Stella Pro, or Powersim model on Epicenter so it can be shared. In the second part, we’ll focus on creating a user interface for your model.


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