Free Distribution to Studio 10 Cockpit!

Studio 10 Premium; now also with free distribution to our new Studio 10 Cockpit.


Share your models with our free Cockpit End-user tool

Powersim Software will now offer free Cockpit that will run models created in Studio 10 Premium. You can share your models using this player tool with colleagues, partners and customers, without any additional cost.


Free distribution from Studio 10 Premium

For all Studio 10 Premium users we introduce free distribution to our new Studio 10 Cockpit.

  • There will be a setting in Premium where you simply allow the project to be freely distributed using Studio Cockpit.
  • When you have chosen to distribute you model, Premium will support such distribution:
    • Premium will switch to a mode where it is easy to verify that the project will run smoothly in Cockpit.
    • Otherwise the modeler can adjust the model to assure that it can be run in Cockpit.


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