Free Distribution to Studio 10 Simulation Engine Workstation!

Studio 10 SDK; now introducing free distribution for desktop applications.


Share your simulations with our free Simulation Engine Workstation tool

Powersim Software will now offer a free Workstation edition of Simulation Engine supporting desktop applications created in Studio 10 SDK. With this developer tool, you can share your solutions with colleagues, partners and customers, without any additional cost.


Free distribution from Studio 10 SDK

For all Studio 10 SDK users we introduce free distribution of desktop applications through our new Studio 10 Simulation Engine Workstation. Simulation Engine Workstation

  • Authorize the model to be used with the desktop solution in Studio 10 SDK
  • Install the run-time, Simulation Engine Workstation, on each client's workstation
    • Ask the end user to download the free Simulation Engine Workstation
    • Or, download Simulation Engine Workstation yourself and deliver it as part of an overall installation program for the desktop solution


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