Free e-book on Dynamic Ecology by Kevin J. Flynn

Available online: Dynamic Ecology – An Introduction to the Art of Simulating Trophic Dynamics.

Dynamic Ecology – an Introduction to the Art of Simulating Trophic Dynamics 

This free e-book aims to provide the biologist, and indeed the non-biologist (mathematician), with an introduction to dynamic ecology. The construction and operation of simulation platforms (models) provides an excellent test of understanding while also generating insight into how real complex processes in ecology operate over time.
The book provides a step-by-step introduction to systems dynamic modelling, leading the reader progressively through levels of increasing complexity. Throughout, it is stressed that there are many caveats in the construction and deployment of all models, that while there is no single ideal approach there is also much scope for getting things wrong.
Chapters provide model descriptions through text and also through equations presented in a form to aid ready implementation in different modelling software platforms. Example outputs are given, so the reader can check that their own creations are operating correctly before they start to modify and otherwise develop their own models. Ideas for further exploration are also provided. 

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The work is supported by an Excel file containing all the model equations; this provides a ready route to deploy models in the readers preferred modelling software platform by copy-pasting equations. Complete, ready-to-run, models are also available for deployment within the Powersim Studio platform. 

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The smaller models will run under the free platform; Studio 10 Express.

For further advice on Studio 10, contact the author (see book Preface).

About the author; Kevin J Flynn

The author is a professor in marine biology who has written over 160 works (papers, book chapters) on various facets of plankton physiology, about half of which describe or utilise models. Almost all the modelling work was conducted using the Powersim Studio platform.
This book brings together the basic concepts from two decades of developments in dynamic models, and experience in teaching the subject to undergraduate and postgraduate (research) students.


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