New book - System Dynamics in Korean

New book about System Dynamics by Mr. Kim Chang-hoon, our South-Korean reseller.


New book about System Dynamics

We are proud to present that our reseller from South-Korea, Mr. Kim Chang-hoon has published a new book called System Dynamics. This book is available in Korean language.

"Our monotonous daily life becomes the life for one person and the history for a country. The purpose of this book is to explain the reasoning of the world with a foreign language called System Dynamics. The context is that the system, which is mainly composed of cause and effect, changes all the time.
The contents of the book are composed of the author's experience and thoughts, but the more I get to know the system, the more research was needed. For 16-weeks lectures per semester, both theory and practice were combined.
In the beginning of this book, the principle of system change is explained, in the middle; the technique for expressing system change using a computer is added, and several modeling examples are applied in the latter part. Related computer models can be downloaded from
I recommend reading this book; in the near future we look forward to seeing System Dynamics spread throughout our daily lives and schools."

 By Mr. Kim Chang-hoon
Representative Director
of Stramo Co., Ltd.

List of contents for the book

  • System Dynamics
    • Chapter 1 Real World and Model
    • Chapter 2 System Dynamics
    • Chapter 3 System Dynamics Mathematics
  • Powersim Software
    • Chapter 4 Powersim Software Introduction
    • Chapter 5 Powersim Modeling and Simulation Tools
    • Chapter 6 Simulation Environment Setup
  • Stock Flow Modelling
    • Chapter 8 Nonlinear Relationships and Parallax Effect Modeling
    • Chapter 9 Modeling of Feedback Structure
    • Chapter 10 Multidimensional Array Modeling
    • Chapter 11 Connection of Model and External Data
    • Chapter 12 Modeling Using Functions
    • Chapter 13 Simulation
  • Decision Support Modelling
    • Chapter 14 Optimization and Risk Management Modeling
    • Chapter 15 User Simulator
    • Chapter 16 Application of Stock Flow Model


This book is based on control theory. It introduces the theory of System Dynamics to solve our social problems in detail.

And anyone can easily handle using the System Dynamics program Powersim software. It deals with the systematic steps in which system changes can be modelled and simulated in detail.




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