New product edition - Studio 9 Express

Powersim Studio 9 Express is a free software, ready for you to download from our web pages!

What is Powersim Studio 9 Express?

Powersim Studio 9 Express is our free offer to the home market and also for clients who would like to have an extended demo period.

Feel free to download a version to practice yourself in the fine skill of building simulation models. You may work with simulation models and share these with other Studio 9 users.

Read more about the Studio 9 Express or Download to get started with your modeling and simulations right away.

Time limited usage - 6 months

Powersim Studio 9 Express is time limited to last for 6 months, but you may download a new version when the first expires.

By limiting the test period to six months we assure that you will always be using the most up-to-date edition. You will always receive the latest version, where potential bug fixes and improvements are included.

Models made in Express will still work after the license period is finished.

Note: This is a free, unsupported product.

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