New Service Release for Studio 8

Service Release 8 for Modeling and End User tools are ready for you to download.

Studio 8 Service Release 8 with Feature Pack 3

Released July, 2011

The eighth service release of Studio 8 contains some bug fixes. Download the new Service Relase to update your licensed product.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem that...

  • could cause undetermined behavior when deleting the last element of an enumeration range used in a Database Dataset.
  • in some cases caused Studio to terminate unexpectedly when using the numerical value of index variables based on dynamic ranges in variable definitions.
  • caused control parameters on effects to be summarized as default even when "With maximum resolution" was selected in the Effects property page.
  • in some cases caused clicking in the Precedents and Dependents lists to navigate to the Equations Window even when the target was available in a Shared Diagram Window.
  • in some cases caused the Optimizer to give wrong results when optimizing models reading time-dependent data from Excel through the Spreadsheet Dataset.
  • could cause Studio to terminate unexpectedly when adding a variable using a dynamic range and DISPLAYAS to a Switch control.
  • prevented editing the values of series variables using INITIF in Time Graph and Time Table controls.
  • prevented the Enterprise edition of Studio from loading models with more than 400 variables using dynamic ranges.
  • in some cases could cause Studio to terminate unexpectedly when displaying the value of a dataset connection variable in the Value Inspector or the Value property page.
  • caused the Database Dataset to not skip tuples/rows where all data fields/columns contained zero or NAN when used with data fields containg dates/times.
  • caused the data of a Database Dataset with a single out-in variable to be incorrectly written to the database.
  • in the Spreadsheet Dataset that caused the {RUNINDEX} field code to expand to an invalid value for run indices greater than 999.
  • sometimes prevented the inconsistency indicator to be displayed on variable symbols. This happened when a shortcut was created and one or more variables having the shortcut's source variable as input existed in the same diagram.

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