NEW: Upcoming feature of Powersim Studio 10

We are proud to present Custom Functions as a new feature for our Powersim Studio 10 tools.

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Coming soon: Custom Functions

The upcoming release of Studio 10 Feature Pack 1 will include the possibility of defining Custom Functions within your simulation models.

If you need a function that is not included in the Function Library of Powersim Studio, you can now write C++ code for the function expression and utilize this in your model.

  • There will be a few simple examples covering functions with unit check and dimension handling, for example a matrix product function and a function to solve quadratic equations.
  • The C++ compiler you need to create custom functions is free, and the functions will execute just as fast as internal functions in Powersim Studio.

More detailed information regarding how to define such functions will be available later.

Availability of Custom Functions in Studio Editions

As a modeler, this new type of functions will apply to the following Studio 10 Modeling Tools:

  • Powersim Studio 10 Premium
  • Powersim Studio 10 Expert
  • Powersim Studio 10 Academic

Simulation models that uses a Custom Function, can be used with the following Studio 10 tools:

  • Powersim Studio 10 Executive
  • Powersim Studio 10 SDK
  • Powersim Studio 10 Simulation Engine Server

If you have a current SUA, you will be able to download this Feature Pack once it is launched.

Otherwise, you may upgrade your current license and re-enter SUA to get access to this new Feature Pack.

Check here to see if our upgrade policy will apply for a discount on your license. 

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