Powersim Software celebrates the company's 15th Anniversary

Powersim Software was established 15 years ago and we have taken a dive into our history line.


Celebrating our 15th year anniversary, we wanted to share with you the history of media expressions we have used to publish our beloved Powersim product.

We hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the past as much as we did making it!

History line of Powersim


Powersim Constructor 1.0 on disk

  • The very first version dates back into the eighties.

Powersim Constructor 2.51 on disk

  • This version of Constructor needed as much as 9 disks!

Powersim Studio 2000

  • New look with blue colours was chosen for the first Studio edition.

Powersim Constructor 2.51 on CD

  • We provided the good old Constructor on CD as well...

Powersim Studio 2001 - 2005

  • This cover was used for the 2001 through 2005 editions.

Powersim Studio 7

  • The Studio 7 cover included the Microsoft and SAP logos.

Powersim Studio 8

  • Here we revisited blue colours again with puzzle globe.

Powersim Studio 9

  • By Studio 9 we reverted to red colours to match our logos!

Powersim Studio 10

  • The latest version also includes the new Powersim Studio logo.

Those were the days; nowadays we just download it from the Internet!

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