Powersim Studio 8 Feature Pack 2

Multi-core processors will speed up your simulation!

Multi Core Processing in Feature Pack 2

Studio 8 Feature Pack 2 - Multi-core processors

We have previously told you that Studio 8 now will take advantage of multi-core processing when running your Studio 8 models.

  1. This mean that your simulation models will run much faster.
  2. This features will be available for download with the new Feature Pack for SUA customers coming in January of 2010.

Below you will find an overview of how the edition you are using will benefit from this new feature. The "No" refers to the Number of processors the listed edition can utilize when running simulation models.

Modeling tools


End User tools


Studio 8 Developer Suite


Studio 8 Enterprise 4 Studio 8 Executive 4 Simulation Engine Premium 8
Studio 8 Expert 3 Studio 8 Cockpit 2 Simulation Engine Server 2
Studio 8 Professional  2
Simulation Engine Workstation 2

Simulation Engine Developer 2

For all older Studio products, the simulation will be running using 1 processor as previously.

For customers without SUA:

  • For clients without SUA, you will need to upgrade your Studio 8 product, receive a 45% discount **.
  • For clients with a Studio 7 product, receive a 35% discount **.
  • For clients with a Studio 2005 product, receive a 15% discount **.

** 12 months of SUA for the new Studio 8 is mandatory.

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