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Learn how to utilize several types of dimensions when working with Arrays in Studio.

Modeling with Arrays in Studio

Now it is late summer and we are getting ready for this Fall's first Webinar.

You are welcome to join us to learn more about how you can make your models more efficient working with Dimensions for Arrays in Studio. The seminar will cover the below sections:

  • Learn how to use Dimensions to make arrays of your variables
  • Global Ranges simplify the use of Arrays, and enables the use of texts for each element
  • Better understanding of Multiple dimensions
  • Explaining benefits and limitations of Dynamic ranges
  • Explain typical pitfalls and error messages

And as always, we encourage you to participate with questions during the Webinar to unveil issues relevant for you.


The Webinars will be presented on the following dates:

  • 1st of Sept. - This Webinar is now finished

  • 2nd of Sept. - This Webinar is now finished

We can accommodate a maximum of 25 attendees in our Web presentation fora.

We recommend that you join to the meeting 5 minutes early to ensure that you are connected and that you have sound.

If there are any free spots, you will be able to join the Webinar from this web page on the fly.

The Webinar will last for 1 hour and will be held in English. 

  • The first part of the Webinar will be a one-way presentation on the topic.
  • During the session you may ask questions (in English) on the WebEx chat. 
  • These questions will then be addressed and answered during the last part of the Webinar.

There are no costs associated with attending the Webinar.


Not able to attend our Webinars this time around?

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If you are interested in the content of this particular Webinar, but could not make it; please Contact us and we will make sure to send you the recordings afterwards.

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