State-of-the-art model showing the spread of sound waves in a map

The model takes into consideration hills, slopes & vegetation to show the sound profile in 360°.


We give you a complete overview of the coverage of your sound alert system

We have developed a model showing the impact of tyfon sound emitters in a map. The model has been delivered to the Norwegian Civil Defense.

Key features
  • See coverage for the public by existing tyfon sound emitters
  • Add a new tyfon and check the area it covers
  • Check the range of all emitters from any position in the map



We have collaborated with Asplan Viak Internet which provides the map system used by the Norwegian Civil Defence. The Norwegian Civil Defense has stored the exact position of each tyfon sound emitter in Norway. Therefore, once you have selected an area in the map to analyze, these will appear as green dots in the map.

Effect of the tyfons and required decibel level (in Norway: 70 dB) will influence how far the sound will spread. The red coloured areas illustrates where the sound from the tyfon emitters cannot be heard. The model takes into consideration hills, slopes and vegetation to calculate the sound profile in all directions.

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