Studio 8 Feature Pack 1 coming soon...!

The new Feature Pack has exiting new features to be used with the Action button.

Studio 8 Feature Pack 1


Are you familiar with the Action Button in Studio 8 yet?

With the Feature Pack 1 of Studio 8, this object has obtained new strong qualities with a collection of new commands.

Action Button with Check Condition ActionFirst of all, you need a Check Condition action that allows you to build group of several actions to be executed when clicked on by the end-user.

With a Check Condition action, you automatically have three return value nodes inserted; true, false and indefinite. You may enter a set of new actions under each of these node values; if the value is true, the sequence of actions under the true value node will be performed.

Imagine now that you can use this Check Condition to print a report to Excel with a simple click on one Action button!

Another new action is called Create Excel Document which creates a new Excel document of type *.xlt, *.xltx or *.xltm. We recommend that you build a template into which the data should be produced, and refer to this template from the Action Button. When the action button is pressed, a new document is created as a copy of the provided template, given the default name based on the template, and then opened in Excel.

To fill data into this Excel sheet you will need the other new actions; Dimension Excel Workbook, Write Value To Excel and Dimensional Excel Workbook.

With the Dimensional Excel Workbook, you can allow the user to print parts for a range. Let's say you have 8 markets in your range, but only 3 of them are relevant for your report. Then set the 3 markets using a logical vector to true and only the data containing these market data will be transferred to Excel at the click of the Action Button.

Great features to combine with the XLDATA function when importing data.

Picture of Table in Studio 8Numbers formats

A new feature has been added that allows for a blank value to be displayed in any Number format. This means that instead of seeing a lot of zeros in a table, you can display them as empty text.

Another useful feature has been added that allow the modeler to choose to Units in any Number format. This means gives the ability to hide the unit from the displayed value, and thus save space in the user interface. 

For all customers with a valid Service and Upgrade Agreement (SUA), the additional features in Studio 8 are available for free.

If you do not have a SUA, please contact your nearest reseller or Powersim Software for a non-binding offer.

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