Studio 8 SDK and family

During the next few weeks, a new Studio 8 SDK will be available to all our clients!

Studio 8 Developer Suite

Introducing the

Studio 8 Developer Suite

The current Studio 7 SDK product has been our bundle of joy for those of our users who develop custom-made simulations, both as server based solutions or applications.

This bundled product will now be known as a family of products under the name: Studio 8 Developer Suite.

With the release of this product suite, we aim to make the invidivual elements of the Studio 8 Developer Suite more accessible and customised to the way you develop your solutions and the manner you wish to distribute them.

Bundle the products according to your needs from the Studio 8 Developer Suite. Put together the developement tool, Studio 8 SDK with one or either both the types of distribution tools, Studio 8 Workstation and Studio 8 Server.

Studio 8 SDK Studio 8 SDK - The Software Development Kit (SDK) is the product your developer team needs to build applications or web-based solutions.
Studio 8 Server Studio 8 Simulation Engine Server - This is the Simulation Engine that allows you to run your simulations on or from a server over the Intranet or Internet.
Studio 8 Workstation

Studio 8 Simulation Engine Workstation - This is the Simulation Engine that allows you to run your simulations on a stand-alone computer.

The new Studio 8 SDK with family is the upgrade product to all our current Studio 7 SDK users.

Our sales team will make sure that current Studio 7 SDK users receive the necessary bundle of products in regards to their current Service and Upgrade Agreement (SUA).

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