Studio Workshop at the 36th International Conference of the SDS

The 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (SDS) takes place in Aug 2018.

The international conference of System Dynamics Society

The 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society (SDS) takes place in Reykjavik on Iceland during August 6-10th 2018.

On the Schedule of the conference, there will be a workshop on Powersim Studio with MindsEye Computing:


  • Workshop nr 3983: takes place from 13:00 to 14:30 on Friday 10th of August


See the complete conference schedule.


About the workshop:

Feedback Rich Model Construction with Powersim Studio

This workshop will be an introduction to building system dynamics models using Powersim Studio. The workshop is intended for people who are relatively new to the field or do not have experience using Studio. The session will be conducted as a hands-on workshop and will demonstrate basic techniques for building and analyzing, stock and flow diagrams and simple simulation models. It will also point out some of the advanced Studio features such as arrays, user interface tools, VB scripting, and the powerful Studio interactive development environment (IDE). Sample models will be available.

Download a free version of Studio Express here. 

Or download a free Studio Demo, 30 day license with complete functionality, but remember DO NOT INSTALL this verson more than 30 days before the workshop!


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