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Lifecycle Management

With the Powersim E-learning Production (PEP) Tool you can substantially reduce the time used to create and maintain course contents. Course-specific adaptations will be made automatically, and you may save 30-60 minutes on each presentation. If you have a large number of e-learning courses you may save a significant amount of time and money.

The tool also eases the process of updating existing courses, and you may save 10-75 minutes on each presentation depending on the complexity. You may for example need to:

  • Change the course name, department, etc.
  • Change requirements, risk levels, working factors, etc.
  • Add, remove, or replace standard parts (e.g., slides, pictures)
  • Update hyperlinks, e-mail addresses, etc.

With this tool, new courses will always have correct contents:

  • Relevant instructions to the content author
  • Correct symbols and icons
  • Correct names, references, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Exam template if applicable
  • Dynamic slides and pictures will be included or excluded as applicable for each specific module.

The PEP Tool will also assure the quality and homogeneity of your courses. For example when revising existing modules, the following consistency will be ensured:

  • It checks that no content is missing and that the order of the slides is correct.
  • It gives a warning if symbols are removed or replaced.
  • It ensures that references to external documents, etc., are correct in all instances.
  • It sets correct language on all texts to make sure the spell checker is effective.
  • It makes potential corrections on layout and standard texts.
  • A short report describes the changes the tool made on the presentation.

All operations in the PEP Tool are based on a set of customised PowerPoint templates tailored for your company. A single template is sufficient in most cases. These templates makes it easy to change common elements, design, company logo, contacts, etc.


The PEP Tool is usually integrated with the company's Document Management System via an Excel solution. Integration makes it possible to feed the tool automatically with the correct input. Avoiding entering information manually saves time and prevents typing errors.

Working with Presentations

Creating an Initial Presentation

The PEP Tool makes it easy to generate PowerPoint presentations as a high-level starting point for your company’s e-learning courses. The tool extracts information from your company’s Document Management System. The information can also be entered manually into the tool.

Document Management
System (DMS)
  Powersim E-learning
Production (PEP) Tool
  Initial Presentation

Preparing a Presentation

The unprotected parts of the presentation is revised manually in PowerPoint by content authors. Often several people are involved in this review phase. When the review is complete, the presentation should be checked with the PEP Tool to ensure that protected content is consistent. Required content that has been removed or displaced by the reviewers will be restored.

User Input   Initial Presentation   PEP Tool   Prepared


Use a Presentation in a Course

A new course is created by importing a presentation into the e-learning authoring tool that your organization uses. Additional course features can be set up here, e.g., an exam.

You update an existing courses by importing an updated presentation.

  PEP Tool   Learning Management
System (LMS)


Update an Existing Presentation

A course that is already published is easily updated with the latest information from the Document Management System. The updated information is automatically imported to the PEP Tool, which updates the presentation accordingly. You may do additional manual changes, and the previously edited content will of course be kept. You can also easily adapt the presentation to an updated template.

When the presentation is ready it is imported into the existing course.

User Input   DMS       LMS

  PEP Tool   Updated
Authoring Tool


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