Rainfall Simulation Video

The Rainfall model can be used to study the accumulation of water after heavy or long-lasting rainfall

The module combines simulation with data from a Geographical Information System (GIS) in Powersim Studio.

The Rainfall Module

The results from the simulation will indicate not only where water accumulates, but also how long it will take to drain into rivers or the sea. This will give indications for which areas will need further analysis by geologists to uncover risk of landslide.


The user may specify a rainfall profile over time and study where the water accumulates in the terrain. You may simulate heavy rainfall over a few days or explore the results of bad weather conditions over a longer period.

  • Information about elevation within the selected area is read into the model.
  • Thus the simulation estimates where water will flow through the terrain and where water accumulates.
  • Water is indicated with a blue colour, but when the water reaches an area indicated as a river or the sea, the colour will disappear.

After a simulation, data is fed back to the GIS system, allowing for further analysis by geologists. The benefit of using the Rainfall simulation for such an analysis is to uncover the risk for landslide in a much wider area than usually investigated with more costly tools. This simulation is useful for taking security measures towards existing populated areas or assess risk when making plans for domestic or industrial establishment.

This model is made with Studio GIS and communicates with a GIS software called GISLine from Norkart. The GISLine product is developed in collaboration with Norkart AS and is available only in the Norwegian market.

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