Benefits of Powersim Blink

  • Challenges of aging population
  • Automatic import of population data
  • Benefits of welfare technology
  • Limitations by housing, staff and finance


Description of Powersim Blink

Powersim Blink is a decision making tool that allows a municipality to find statistics on their population, gather data from their internal systems to simulate and analyze the future challenges regarding the aging population.

The first module of Powersim Blink we would like to present is the one we call ‘Population’. The sweetness of this module is that it connects automatically to Statistics Norway collecting data for the selected municipality using JSON STAT functions through an online API.

How to contact us 

  • Book a meeting: +47 55 60 65 00

User statement

"By using the Population module in Powersim Blink we have gained access to the latest population data and projections from Statistics Norway (SSB), in a manner that will keep the municipality’s planning work, organization and operations up to date"

Asbjørn Nagell Toft, Section leader  
Planning, building regulations, survey  
and environment in Austrheim municipality  

Current clients


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