Powersim Sun Simulation 1.0

Create analysis of new solar panel installations.  

The need for electricity is often shifted in time compared to when solar energy is generated.  

  • Consider consumption of energy 
  • The location of your solar installation 
  • Types of solar panels, inverters and battery 
  • Choose to sell your excess energy back to the grid
  • Find return on investment

Avoid buying electricity when it is most expensive by adding batteries to your installation.

Purchase information 

  • The product has a starting package price
    • Price is based on a yearly fee
    • Customer loyalty price for consecutive years
    • Powersim Sun is purchased as a per user license
    • Includes one license of Studio Executive* per user
  • Discounts are available for additional users in the same organization


More than just a calculator 

  • Find the expenses and power savings for your planned solar panel installation
  • Specify your location using a built-in map functionality
  • Provide information about solar panels, inverters and battery packs
  • Take energy consumption and solar variations throughout the day into account
  • Experiment with different configurations and pricing policies
  • This model gives a more reliable calculation of Return On Investment (ROI) compared to other applications

For a quick demonstration of the product, see the video!


Model specifications

  • Configure electricity spot prices for your region
  • Provide hardware specifications according to your market
  • Calculations are based on solar radiation and other climate data from Meteonorm™ 7.2
  • Powersim Sun works for locations on all continents of the world

Find more detailed descriptions on the online resources for the Powersim Sun Simulation.


*If you have existing licenses, Powersim Sun will run with Powersim Premium and Expert also.

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