Powersim Studio 10 Academic

Superior functionality, ease-of-use, and affordability make Powersim Studio Academic an excellent choice for students and teachers at accredited educational institutions.

The standard Powersim Studio 10 Academic products contain the Major Release features of Studio 10.

The Powersim Studio 10 Academic products with Feature Pack as an Add-on, have the features as described in the list of Feature Packs for Studio 10.


Key features of Studio 10 Academic


  • Stock-and-flow modeling, multiple diagrams for organizing your model
  • Drag-and-drop variables into input/output objects to create user interfaces
  • Automatic unit control, adding quality to your model


  • Function library with over 200 functions, e.g. delay and array functions
  • Custom Functions
  • Test Scenario, Optimization, Risk Analysis & Risk Management
  • Turn off time unit consistency to solve assignments that don't require use of units


  • Action buttons execute a set of actions, constituting a way to add user interface logic to simulations
  • Save reference runs for comparison with your base scenario
  • Provide texts for user interface elements in multiple languages to create a multi-lingual simulation


  • Connect to relational databases
  • Connect to MS Spreadsheet through Datasets, functions or drag-and-drop
  • Connect to other data sources using scripts in Sidekick windows and Show Dialog actions

Technical features

  • The amount of memory for variable values for the 64-bit version is up to a maximum of 2 GB
  • Up to 1,000,000 consecutive runs in one simulation
  • 64-bit version is said to run 10-15% faster than the 32-bit version


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