Studio 10 Developer tools

The Studio Developer Tools allow programmers to include simulations in custom-designed software applications and to distribute custom-made simulations or software applications.

The developer tools can be used to create and serve either web-based solutions or integrated applications. With these products you can create custom simulator interfaces for models created in Studio Premium, opening up for presentation functionality and external data connectivity beyond what is possible in the end-user tools Powersim Studio Executive and Cockpit.


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Prices Developer Tools


Studio 10 Developer Suite - SDK & Simulation Engine Server * EUR 15 829
Studio 10 SDK * EUR 7 600
Studio 10 Simulation Engine Server * - From: EUR 10 000

* Support Agreement (SA) of 21% is mandatory for the first 12 months for all Business products.

Studio Developer Suite

Developer Suite is a package of two products; Studio SDK that allows you to create custom-designed applications and Studio Simulation Engine Server allows you to share your solutions with others.

Studio SDK

Studio SDK is a Software Development Kit that let you create custom web-based or desktop interfaces for your Studio Premium models. Studio SDK allows you to create your own sophisticated front-ends to be run with one of the editions of Studio Simulation Engine.

Studio Simulation Engine Server

Studio Simulation Engine Server is the run-time software to be installed on a network server to serve network-based or web-based solutions created using the Powersim Studio SDK. You may develop a tailored solutions to fit an existing system or utelize the pre-made solutions provided by our business partners; Forio and MAS Consulting.

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