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Powersim Software has simulation tools that cover all your needs when building simulations, running in-depth analyses, risk analyses,  and optimizations.

Prices Modeling Tools


Studio 10 Premium * EUR 7 657
Studio 10 Expert * EUR 2 457
Studio 10 Professional - previously EUR 499,-  EUR 299
Studio 10 Express EUR Free

* Support Agreement (SA) of 21% is mandatory for the first 12 months for all Business products.


Studio Modeling Tools

Studio Premium

Studio Premium is our flagship modeling product and is what is needed for building large and complicated models. This full-featured edition is the perfect tool for simulation projects where multiple modelers work together in a team, and where connections to corporate databases are needed. Premium also allows you to share the simulations you build with others through our end-user tools Studio Executive and Studio Cockpit.

Studio Expert

Studio Expert serves the individual strategist, analyst, or consultant who wants to build relatively large models primarily for own use. The edition features analysis tools like Risk Analysis, Optimization and Risk Management, and allows connections to Microsoft Excel and file-based databases.

Studio Professional

Studio Professional serves the home market and individual business persons who build models primarily for own use, and who have moderate requirements to model size and simulation speed. This inexpensively-priced edition allows connections to Microsoft Excel and file-based databases.

Studio Express

Studio Express is free software containing basic modeling features, allowing you to practice yourself in the fine skill of building simulation models.


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