Studio 10 Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA)

 Powersim Software provides Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA) for the Studio business suite of products. 

For a non-binding upgrade offer with SUA, please contact us or you nearest representative.

What is SUA?

A yearly Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA) allows users of Studio to access new features without additional costs each time a feature pack is released. Non-SUA customers must wait for a new major release and then pay for an upgrade, to get access to the same features.

You never have to pay to upgrade your Powersim Studio to new versions and the new files are easily available for download over the Internet.

You will also get access to phone and e-mail support on any technical issue.

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Standard SUA

The Standard Support and Upgrade Agreement includes:

  • Telephone technical support during regular business hours (8AM to 4PM CET).
  • E-mail technical support.
  • Free download of all Service Releases*.
  • Free download of all Feature Packs*.
  • Free download of all Major Releases.
  • Major releases on CD are available at shipping costs.

When you have a valid SUA, only one download is necessary, downloading the Feature Pack file will include the Service Release as well.

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Premium SUA

The Premium Support and Upgrade Agreement (PSUA) includes, in addition to the items in the Standard agreement:

  • Up to 20% discount on prepaid consulting hours for modeling support and assistance.
  • Up to 15% discount on our Standard Workshops.

For a non-binding upgrade offer on Premium SUA, please contact us or our nearest representative.

Travelling and accommodation are not included within the PSUA.

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Commercial terms of SUA

Below is a brief outline of the terms for the SUA:

  • The Support and Upgrade Agreement is based on 21% of the license's list price.
  • The SUA becomes effective upon date of purchase of the SUA.
  • The SUA is mandatory for the first 12 months.
  • The SUA is automatically invoiced for subsequent years.
  • The SUA lasts until it is terminated by written notice at least - 1 - month before a SUA is up for renewal.

Read the full terms for the SUA.

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Upgrade from previous versions and SUA

If you have an older version of the Powersim Studio software, you will have to upgrade your license to Powersim Studio 10 when you enter a SUA.

  • Studio 10 - receive a 45% discount on upgrade to the latest Feature Pack*.
  • Studio 9 - receive a 35% discount on upgrade to Studio 10.
  • Studio 8 - receive a 15% discount on upgrade to Studio 10.
  • Previous versions of Powersim Studio or Constructor will not qualify for any upgrade discount.

* Only for customers who has previously resigned their SUA. Customers with SUA will always have access to the latest version. 

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 Availability of SUA for Business users

The Support and Upgrade Agreement (SUA) is only available for our customers who purchase any of our corporate products. The products following products are corporate products: 

  • Studio 10 Premium
  • Studio 10 Enterprise
  • Studio 10 Expert
  • Studio 10 Professional
  • Studio 10 Executive
  • Studio 10 Cockpit
  • Studio 10 SDK Premium
  • Studio 10 SDK
  • Studio 10 Simulation Engine Premium
  • Studio 10 Simulation Engine Server

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Academic users

The regular Standard SUA or Premium SUA is not available for Academic users. However, you may purchase the most current Feature Pack at any time.

Use the Academic Order form indicated below to order the Feature Pack for your product. Please remember to attach your license number.

Academic users may download all available service releases for the available Studio platforms.

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