SOPS is an alternative to stochastic dynamic programming

Rather than simplifying the model structure in order to find solutions, the program allows for complex models and if necessary, simplified solutions or policies. The program is particularly useful for infinite horizon problems like investment problems, inventory management, renewable resource management, engineering problems etc. SOPS may also be used to address complex problems involving measurement error and model uncertainty.

Getting Started with instructional videos

The following three videos give a first introduction to SOPS

Introduction to SOPS

This video gives an introduction to the SOPS product.


SOPS stands for Stochastic Optimisation in Policy Space. 

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Harvesting Strategies

SOPS can be used for Management under uncertainty.

In this video we take a look at Harvesting Strategies for the Barents Sea Cod Fishery.

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Optimal control in engineering

This video illustrates how you can utilize SOPS with an engineering problem. We have an inverted pendumlum on a cart, and the cart can move horizontally. Our goal is to get the pendulum to a vertical position when the cart has been moved to its final position. 

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