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Newsletter Songa Offshore Norway/UK Operations

The following article appeared in a Newsletter from Songa Offshore, published back in November 2013.

The text was part of an article from the QHSE Department. We have focused on the section that refers to the SKLM product that Powersim Software AS has deveoped for Songa Offshore.

Document Control Centre (DCC)


Songa Knowledge Lifecycle Management (SKLM) has been prioritized by DCC summer/autumn 2013. SKLM is a tool for commenting procedures electronic when opening a document in the companys management system, QSMS. Comments and/or suggestions for updates/improvements are sent electronically for approval/feedback.

SKLM is an easy way for the crew to comment on procedures and ensure to get response ASAP. When suggesting a change, this will be approved/rejected by the predefined management chain. When approved, SKLM sends the document to DCC for implementation and publishing a new revision of the procedure in QSMS. SKLM will replace the manual system Document Change Request (DCR) which was currently used for updating procedures.

Songa Delta has been testing SKLM since March this year, and all errors and technical challenges are solved. DCC has installed the SKLM in all procedures for Songa Dee and Songa Trym and will roll out SKLM also for these two rigs during November 2013. Cat D procedures will be issued with SKLM installed from day one.

You may read the full newsletter here. The quotation above is found on page 3. 

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