Getting Started

with instructional videos

These videos give you a quick start on how to use Powersim Studio modeling tools.

You may use a Studio modeling tool or download the Studio Demo or Express

The Getting Started videos are well suited to watch using a portable device. We recommend using an iPad or similar, but for most of the videos the resolution is low enough for most of the smart phones. Scan the QR code at the right for easy access.

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Get Started

Starting Powersim Studio for the first time; Welcome dialog, Project Wizard, and Choosing User Interface

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Choosing Calendar

 Choosing Calendar, "360, 364, or 365 days per year?"

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Linking two variables

 Create and connect two variables.

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Simple introduction to units. Why is the equation "2 + 2 = 5" more correct than you may think?
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Simple Series Variables

A series variable used for user input of a time series

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Series Variables

Series variables in feedback loops

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Simple Arrays

Using 1..3 to define the dimension of a variable directly in the Dimensions field.

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Continuing on the video for simple arrays. Covers Global Ranges, Dynamic Ranges etc.

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Read from Excel

Reading input values from an Excel File by using Drag'n Drop to create a variable defined by the XLDATA function. 

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Dynamic Ranges defined using input from Excel

You may use input from Excel to define a range in your model.

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Upstream Oil & Gas - Introduction video


The video shows the Oil & Gas Upstream model, a new Sample model in Powersim Studio that uses components.


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Upstream Oil & Gas - Inside

The video takes a tour inside the Oil & Gas Upstream model.

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Upstream Oil & Gas - Creation

Shows how to use the Component catalog to create a new model with five of the sub models we find in the Upstream model.

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