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PowersimTools is an independent user community established to address syntax and modelling issues related to Powersim Software's products.

You can subscribe to the group to get full access to the features available.

Powersimtools Yahoo Group

White Papers

We are proud to present a selection of white papers, some created by organizations that utilizes the System Dynamics method and Powersim Studio tools extensively, others by Powersim Software.

  • Molecules for Structure - Jim Hines
  • Powersim Studio Best Practices Manual
  • PhD thesis defended on Housing Policy Research
  • Best Poster Winner at SD Conference 2014

Read articles

MAS Consulting is running an event on their blog, where you may sign up to solve exercises to win both honour and prizes.

Take a look and join in to compete with other modelers around the world.

Powersim MAS Olympic Games 2016

User Group and people interested in Business simulation, System Dynamics, modelling and simulation with Powersim.

This User Group is not managed by Powersim Software AS but by end-user community

Powersim Group on LinkedIn

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