White Papers

We are proud to present a selection of white papers, some created by organizations that utilizes the system dynamics method and Powersim Studio tools extensively, others by Powersim Software.


Molecules of Structure

Sandia Labs have converted the Jim Hines "Molecules of Structure" from Vensim to Powersim Studio models.

Jim Hines has given his permission to do this conversion, and with courtesy allowed us to share these models with Studio users.

Feel free to download the "Molecules of Structure" model containing all these molecules, but make sure to read and sign the copyright first.

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Other White Papers

Molecules of Structure by Jim Hines

The "Molecules of Structure" has been converted from Vensim into Powersim Studio models

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Powersim Studio Best Practices Manual

This manual was published at The 29'th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society July, 2011.

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PhD thesis defended on Housing Policy Research

Towards Housing System Dynamics is a PhD thesis based on the Dutch housing market.

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Best Poster Winner at SD Conference 2014

In the Resources Thread: "The Shale Gas Phenomenon: Utilizing the Power of System Dynamics to Quantify Uncertainty".

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Placeholders - connect with XLData function

Placeholders can also be used with Excel Spreadsheets!

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Placeholders - connect to Database Datasets

Placeholders will ease your data handling in Powersim Studio 9.

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