Molecules of Structure by Jim Hines

The "Molecules of Structure" has been converted from Vensim into Powersim Studio models

Molecules of Structure 

Sandia Labs have converted the Jim Hines "Molecules of Structure" from Vensim to Powersim Studio models.

Jim Hines has given his permission to do this conversion, and with courtesy allowed us to share these models with Studio users.

Feel free to download the "Molecules of Structure" model containing all these molecules, but make sure to read and accept the copyright first.



Powersim Studio requirements

The simulation model will be possible to open using one of the following products:

  • Powersim Studio 10 Premium
  • Powersim Studio 10 Expert
  • Powersim Studio 10 Professional
  • Powersim Studio 10 Academic
  • Powersim Studio 10 Demo (free)

The simulation model will be possible to view using these products:

  • Powersim Studio 10 Executive
  • Powersim Studio 10 Cockpit (free)

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